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Dave Nodwell Muskoka Contracting
Custom Building & Interior Finish - Home & Cottage Construction

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At Dave Nodwell Muskoka Contracting we do everything from building cottages, boathouses, renovations, additions, decks, meeting all our customers needs.

Specializing in Interior Finish

We will renovate existing structures to meet your specifications. Whether it is a complete tear-down or simply an addition, we will take care of all your designing and building needs. Our builders offer professionalism coupled with efficient workmanship to ensure that your project runs smoothly and is completed on time. You will find that our team is:

prompt • courteous • reliable • consistent • fully equipped

The ongoing working relationships we maintain with the majority of our past clients are evidence of the quality of our services. Enjoy the comfort of dealing with a company that has an established reputation for quality workmanship and service with our customers.

We are experienced in all aspects of home & cottage construction, as well as boathouses, docks & decks - often in difficult locations. Dave Nodwell Muskoka Contracting consistently provides high quality standards from beginning to end.

Our service area is throughout the Muskoka region including: Lake of Bays, Port Carling, Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph. We have a list of preferred professionals we recommend if their services are required to assist with any element of the construction process.

We have built a reputation based on the quality of our work, honesty and customer relations. We take each project as a major priority and pride ourselves on the end product.

Our policy is constant communication and correspondence throughout the project to ensure you with a high level of knowledge and comfort throughout the construction period.

Wish List and Cost Projections

As the concern of every individual, our thought throughout a project is to have cost awareness. When pricing, we try to include what is expected so that cost overruns are kept to a minimum. We work with the Owners to ensure that additional charges are known about and that our contract price included the original selected choices.

Our collective goal is to maintain the excellent reputation of our company, please our clients and ensure that every project is a pleasant experience. We use local tradespeople and local suppliers - people who care because they are your neighbours.

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Dave Nodwell
4656 Hwy # 169,
Port Carling Muskoka Ontario
1-888-732-8202 or 705-646-3442